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According to the World Health Council, we are the third country in health tourism in the world. As Arthair we are proud of our country’s success in health sector. We are honored to be in this sector since 2014 and we serve thousands of patients without compromising the principles of ethics and transparency.

To make people reach their dreams, Arthair has been a global provider in hair sector for the world from Turkey since 2004.

Arthair since 2014 as a team are pioneers of hair transplantation services in Turkey. With our expert team who are experienced in the field with the number of surgeries over 7,000 in Turkey, we are proud to be one of the most experienced teams in our country. Sharing our experience with you for a healthy and natural hair transplant, beard transplant and eyebrow transplant has always motivated us and made us happy.

With this motivation and joy, we are now with you to serve you in South Africa.


Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation can be expressed as "the permanent solution to the hair loss problem". Hair transplant operation, on the other hand, can be defined as a microsurgical operation performed in a hospital environment, and what is meant by the expression of micro surgery operation is to perform hair transplantation with much less interventions than a normal operation in hair transplantation.

What is Beard Transplant?

From time to time, men may have sparse beards due to genetic factors or may experience hair loss due to hormonal reasons. If the person is uncomfortable with the shedding or sparse beard, he can apply for beard transplantation.

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow loss, eyebrow removal from the same area for a long time, skin diseases such as hair breakage, permanent make-up, chemotherapy treatment, etc. It occurs as a result. It may happen that the eyebrows come back after shedding is observed. If it is seen that it is not permanent, eyebrow transplantation can be performed.

Autologous Micro Graft (Stem Cell)

Autologous Micro Graft; It is a new technique based on capillary regeneration therapy in combating hair loss. In this technique, “suspension of one’s own (autologous) cells” is used in the regeneration of the scalp.

PRP Therapy

PRP; (Platelet rich plasma) is the process of taking a small amount of blood from a person’s body, then separating the plasma with a special process and returning it to the body by injection. The plasma obtained is rich in cells called “platelets”. Platelets, whose main task in the body is to ensure blood coagulation, have an important role in wound healing thanks to the growth factors they contain.

Long Hair Implant Procedure

Anaesthesic injection without a needle” is a special technique used by joburg clinic, due to the fact that some clients are extremely afraid of anaesthesic injections. Instead of using a needle, the doctor will apply an applicator to the desired area and leave it until the anaesthesic kicks in, in preparation for the hair graft extraction

Hair-Transplant for Women

It is an effective treatment method that will make the life of a person experiencing hair loss positive in every aspect. Especially for women, hair transplantation is an extremely important treatment as it will have a positive effect on their appearance. Hair loss or total hair loss is an alarming situation that no one would want to experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Hair transplantation can be applied in any season when you and your doctor are available. The season choice is entirely up to you for your comfort.

Seasonal changes do not affect the medical procedure and results.

Every person, male or female, who is over the age of 18 and does not have a medical condition that prevents hair transplantation, is suitable for it.

At the end of 10 to 15 days, all the effects of the medical procedures are almost finished. Nothing but short hair shows a sign that you have a hair transplant. 

After 3 weeks, you can return to your old sporty life, but you have to wait 3 months for the solarium.

The general reason for male pattern hair loss is our genetic coding and sensitivity to the testosterone hormone. Even if external factors are left, such as social psychological factors, it does not prolong the process; the hair will shed anyway.

In some cases, we have patients whom we apply Long Hair Fue Transplant. We can safely apply the Long Hair Transplantation for people who regularly work like some business people and people on camera.

After the hair transplantation procedure is completed, the hair follicles that are planted stay under the scalp until the end of the 1 month following the normal hair circulation. The hair starts to fall out, but after 3 months, the hair begins to grow back. Until the end of the 15 months, 100% of the hair grows with a natural look.

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