About Us

According to the World Health Council, we are the third country in health tourism in the world. As Arthair we are proud of our country’s success in health sector. We are honored to be in this sector since 2014 and we serve thousands of patients without compromising the principles of ethics and transparency.

To make people reach their dreams, Arthair has been a global provider in hair sector for the world from Turkey since 2004.

Arthair since 2014 as a team are pioneers of hair transplantation services in Turkey. With our expert team who are experienced in the field with the number of surgeries over 7,000 in Turkey, we are proud to be one of the most experienced teams in our country. Sharing our experience with you for a healthy and natural hair transplant, beard transplant and eyebrow transplant has always motivated us and made us happy.

With this motivation and joy, we are now with you to serve you in South Africa.

Natural, permanent and reliable results performed by our highly experienced team using modern techniques in hair transplant