Eine Haartransplantation kann eine dauerhafte Lösung für Haarausfall sein und wird mit minimalem chirurgischen Eingriff durchgeführt. (Es handelt sich nicht um eine traditionelle, invasive Operation.) Personen mit Narben oder Personen, die aufgrund verschiedener Krankheiten Haare verloren haben, können sich ebenfalls sicher einer Haartransplantation unterziehen.

Beard Transplant

Facial hair transplantation is performed on men who are experiencing hair loss on their beard, or those who can't grow a beard or moustache in the first place. For this, hair is taken from the lower rear of the head, or from existing ‘facial hair’ that grows on the neck, depending on the number of grafts needed...

Soft FUE

‘Soft’ FUE refers to the use of soft sedation during the procedure, and is otherwise the same procedure as a FUE transplant. This allows the patient to be conscious, without feeling any pain. The benefits of this are that you can communicate and understand every step of the transplant process

The DHI Transplant

DHI is the newest method in hair transplant procedures. It is faster than the FUE technique and offers quicker recovery. During the DHI implantation, the extraction and transplant are combined. Extracted hair follicles are embedded directly into the recipient areas without the prior need of creating incisions...

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

The Sapphire FUE method is an innovation on the modern and commonly used FUE hair transplant techniques. It uses a sapphire blade instead of a steel one, and thus minimizes scab formation and scalp trauma. Most importantly, it allows for denser results than a steel FUE blade...

Hair-Transplant for Women

Hair transplant is considered as a highly important treatment since the final outcome of the procedure will positively contribute to a woman's physical appearance. Women are able to undergo a hair transplant procedure without shaving their head with a hair transplantation method also defined as the DHI hair transplant technique, considered as the advanced version of FUE method.

Die Haartransplantation ist eine wirksame Behandlungsmethode, die sich positiv auf Personen mit Haarausfall auswirkt. jeden Aspekt ihres Lebens beeinflussen.